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AUDI Piloted Driving MILESTONES ► From the 2009 Audi TTS Pikes Peak to 2017 Audi RS7 Sportback ROBBY

Audi is a pioneer of piloted driving. For more than ten years Audi is working on piloted technology carriers. The development efforts have produced numerous spectacular driving feats – on public roads, on the race track and even on a salt bed.

Audi is working intensively on developing piloted driving. The Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept, dubbed Race “Robby”, bears testimony to the company´s progress.

The Audi piloted driving concept cars handle all the driving functions autonomously and with maximum precision: Robby, the Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept car, has an output of 412 kilowatts and is 400 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. On the Sonoma Raceway in California, it reached lap times that beat those of some experienced pro racers.

AUDI Piloted Driving : MILESTONES From the 2009 Audi TTS Pikes Peak to 2017 Audi RS7 Sportback

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Audi TT Pikes Peak, tested on the Hill Climb course in Pikes Peak, Colorado in 2010. Performance Audi’s self-driving car successfully navigated 156 turns over 12.42 miles in 27 minutes.

In October 2014, an Audi RS 7 piloted driving concept named Bobby drove laps on the Hockenheimring at up to 240 kilometers per hour with no driver. Early 2015 saw the Audi A7 Sportback piloted driving concept called Jack drive autonomously from Silicon Valley to Las Vegas on its way to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Jack has also performed test drives on the German autobahn, hitting up to 130 kilometers per hour.

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